Sunday, September 3, 2017

Conspiracy Alert!

Dear Mr. Trump,

The news was a bit unsettling this morning.  

There's Houston still breaking our hearts, and they haven't seen anything yet if the EPA continues its rather disinterested approach.  Please tell Scott Pruitt (if you can find him) to turn off  the video game and get to work.  

Then there's North Korea thumping its chest today.  I hope you're tired from your trip to Houston, and you won't do anything too strenuous when you thump back.  Maybe you could apply your "Never Met a Dictator I Didn't Like!" philosophy to finding a way to make friends with this guy.  Or just agree to designate the chest thumping as "For Display Purpose Only".

But the BIG news, and this is what you really need to worry about, is the seizure of Russian posts in DC and New York.  Are you finally getting tough on Putin?  I'm guessing no, that it was the State Department's (i.e., Jeff Sessions') idea.  There seems to be something of a search going on.  And a cover-up, too, given the column of black smoke coming from the San Francisco consulate. 

I mean, they weren't electing a pope in there.

So what is Mr. Sessions looking for?  I propose one of the following:
  1. Stuff to exonerate you.
  2. Stuff to convict you. 
Given the recent bumps in your relationship with Mr. Sessions (who might have a long memory), I'd choose #2 and take up drinking if I were you.

Think about it:  President Pence/Vice President Sessions.  It could happen.

And it would made Steve Bannon very, very happy.  

Just a heads up,


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