Saturday, September 2, 2017

Dear Sean Spicer

Dear Sean,

So, it's official.

I didn't even know it had to be made official.  Or that it would take more than a month.

Not that we won't miss you.  My husband will miss you because he thought you were hilarious.  And I have to admit that you did score some points with me when you were hiding in the bushes and that one time when you tried to convince America that "covfefe" was a secret presidential code word.

But, TBH, I'm only going to miss Melissa McCarthy.

Your dismount was a "10", though.  I particularly enjoyed,

"It has been the honor of a lifetime to serve the President..."

(This, in spite of the fact that he used Anthony Scaramucci like a can of roach spray to get rid of you.)

Well, after reading that, my first thought was, "How sad!"

And my second thought was, "He technically didn't specify whose lifetime." 

I hope I'm right.  If so, good luck in the future.  Now go home and see if you can get your wife to talk to you again.

Previously yours,


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