Friday, May 18, 2018

All-Time Biggest Political Scandal

Dear Mr. Trump,

You seem to consider the possibility that the FBI has been spying on you to be the all-time biggest political scandal.

No.  It isn't.  Given that:
  1. Trump Tower is full of shady Russians.
  2. Ditto: your Florida properties.
  3. You've been hanging out with lowlifes like Paul Manafort.  
  4. And Carter Page.
  5. And Roger Stone.
  6. Just to name a few.  There are more.  And they all have questionable dealings with the Russians.
  7. Donald Trump, Jr. is a complete fucking idiot, who went to a meeting with Russians to get dirt on Hillary Clinton.
  8. Your son-in-law and Michael Flynn tried to set up a secret back-channel with the Russians.  
  9. Some very credible people have cited some very bizarre behavior on your part while you were in Moscow.
  10. And you've been sniffing Vladimir Putin's butt for years.
It would be the all-time biggest political scandal if you weren't being watched by the FBI. 

Think about it,


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