Sunday, October 8, 2017

Morons - Part 2

Dear Mr. Pence,

As if this couldn't get any better.

First, you jet from Las Vegas to Indianapolis to stage your little comedy.  At the taxpayers' expense.

Then, you post a picture of you and the missus at the game.  ("See how much fun we were having?  How tragic we were driven from the stadium by such a dastardly - AND TOTALLY UNEXPECTED - manifestation of disrespect for soldiers, Flag, National Anthem!"). 

Unfortunately, the picture you posted was from "the game" in 2014.  

Then, the Cheeto-in-Chief tweets that he told you to do all this.  (Surprised?  Moi??)

Then, you jet to California.  For a fundraiser (good luck with that).  Also at the taxpayers' expense.

Total bill?  The watchdog group keeping an eye on you is saying $250,000.  

Your display of utter contempt for the intelligence of the entire population of the United States is insulting, unless you actually thought you were being clever.  But please keep in mind that We the People are relying on the likes of the TWO OF YOU to handle Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un.  To keep us safe from terrorism and nuclear war.  To show us a little of the respect you demand from football players for the national anthem.

Gotta say, it doesn't look promising.

Can you imagine what Rex Tillerson is thinking?

I can.

Stupefiedly yours,


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