Tuesday, October 3, 2017


I just found out that the bill to ease the restrictions on gun silencers is officially called (and I couldn't make something like this up if I tried)...

"The Hearing Protection Act"


If there were an Olympics for Orwellian Euphemisms, this one would take gold.  I would like to meet the genius who dreamt it up.  After saluting his talent, I would drag him by the ear over to a chalkboard and make him write "I will not help whack-jobs buy stuff to kill people with," a thousand times.  Then I would send him to Vanuatu, without his supper.

Also, in case you missed it, Son-of-Trump, (Junior, aka "The Smart One") did an interview last year for a silencer manufacturer, saying that silencers were a great way to "get little kids into the game" of hunting.

I have three thoughts on this:
  1. Junior is even dumber than previously thought.  (Probably.)
  2. Junior should not be left alone with children.  (Possibly.)
  3. The psychotropics I ingested during that one trip to Jamaica in 1975 have finally kicked in.  (Perhaps.)
Now, I offer three alternatives to those Americans who, in the absence of any real understanding of the meaning or intention of the 2nd amendment, would rather see a potentially dangerous firearm accessory more freely available in a country where innocent people are already being menaced by their own crazy-ass fellow citizens, 
  1. Earplugs.
  2. Noise cancelling headphones.
  3. Don't shoot guns.
Easy enough, and no government legislation necessary.  

No bullshit, either.

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