Thursday, May 11, 2017

Dear Mr. Trump

Today, I was overjoyed to read that you have established a new commission:

The Presidential Commission on Election Integrity

Sounds BIG and bad.  And like you're still trying to convince yourself (and considerably more than half the country) that you really won the election.

"Presidential Commission on Election Integrity" is an oxymoron.  At best.  Coming from somebody who is desperately (and obviously) trying to keep the lid on Russia's role in handing you a "W" in 2016, I can assure you that you're just embarrassing yourself (again), something you seem to be incapable of perceiving. 

At worst I assume that the oh-so-critical voter fraud issue will just join the other smokescreens that your Congressional stooges seem so het-up about:
  1. Hillary's emails.
  2. Obama's "wiretapping" (note the quotes).
  3. White House leaks (it's Bannon, I already told you it's Bannon, he's a troublemaker).
  4. The Great Inauguration Crowd-Size Plot.
And those of us who watch congressional hearings (yes, we exist and we tend to vote), have to listen to those stooges drawl on (yeah, they're mostly Southerners) about these crucial issues, acting very tough and clever, while Russia decides what tie you're going to wear today.


Keep up the good work,


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