Friday, July 21, 2017

Dear Mr. Trump

Dear Mr. Trump,

Whew!  What a day you've had!  I'm sure right now you're gratefully sinking back into the vibrating easy-chair in your padded cell at the White House, enjoying a Diet Coke and a foot massage from your new bromance, Anthony Scaramucci.

He's quite a character, that Anthony!  My first reaction was, "Who's this clown?"  A little Cousin Vinny-like for a Harvard law grad, no?  Which made it sound like everything that came out of his mouth was bullshit, but maybe he was just a little over-stimulated from basking in your dazzling orange glow.   

I gave up counting how many times Mr. Scaramucci said "love" in reference to you and your sundry barnacles during his debut press conference today.  And I have to confess that this was a little worrisome, since you and your courtiers are not - how shall I put this? - especially lovable by anything but the slackest of standards.  But I was really captivated by his assertion that you had "good karma".

Seriously?  Well, you sure didn't rack it up in this lifetime.

Which made me ponder who/what you might have been in your past lifetimes.  And I came up with a short list.
  1. Henry VIII (after he fell on his head).
  2. Jeff Sessions (oh, wait, he's not dead yet).
  3. Caligula.
  4. Peter Griffin.
  5. A wombat.
None of whom would generate much good karma.  Perhaps Mr. Scaramucci doesn't fully understand the concept.

He will.

Stai attento,


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