Thursday, March 2, 2017

Dear Mr. Sessions

Dear Mr. Sessions,

To save everybody a lot of time, money, and a deluge of Wolf Blitzer's droning voice, I am appointing myself Special Prosecutor of your case.

Here is the accusation:
  1. At your confirmation hearing, Senator Franken asked you a question.
  2. You lied,
  3. And you knew it.
  4. Under oath,
  5. At you own freaking confirmation hearing.
Here is the evidence against you:

Just to be clear, here - according to the Oxford English dictionary - is the definition of perjury:  

"The offence of wilfully telling an untruth or making a misrepresentation under oath."

Here is the definition of untruth:  

"A lie or false statement (often used euphemistically)".

Here is the definition of false:   

"Not according with truth or fact; incorrect." 

Here is the definition of lie (noun):
"An intentionally false statement."

And here is the definition of lie (verb)

 Tell a lie or lies."

With me so far?


Anything to say in your defense?  That doesn't make you sound like a ten-year-old who didn't do his homework?

I didn't think so. 

Now please go away.



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