Sunday, March 26, 2017

Dear Chancellor Merkel

Dear Chancellor Merkel,

Please allow me to apologize for the lack of civility afforded you by our (questionably) elected-leader.  

I'm sure you were bewildered, as were we all, but after conducting a little research, I have managed to make some sense of the whole fiasco:
  1. You were supposed to come on a Monday.
  2. Unfortunately, there was a big snowstorm.
  3. So you rescheduled your visit.
  4. And came on a Friday instead.
  5. Delaying Mr. Trump's departure to Mar-A-Lago.
So he was a little cranky.  He gets like that if he's away from Mar-a-Lago for too long, the reasons for which are still open to speculation. 

It was more than a little uncomfortable for you, coming all that way and being treated like a Venezuelan beauty pageant winner.  Still, you were a lady and a scholar, and my admiration for you knows no bounds.

And please don't worry about the bill.  I understand the Freedom Caucus is planning to take care of it.

Your fan,


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