Saturday, February 10, 2018

Dear Mr. Trump

Dear Mr. Trump,

You don't like women very much, do you?

I'll change that to "most women", since you like Ivanka.  A lot.  And  I understand, to paraphrase Fire and Fury, that you do allow certain women to populate your environment as long as they have long hair, and wear skirts and high boots. 

(Could you give Kellyanne a reprieve from that?  TBH, your style sense isn't doing her any favors.)

If Steve Bannon is an indication - and where you're involved, he usually is - your preferred social arrangement is a patriarchy.  In the true biblical sense.  Which explains your crush on Roy Moore.  And the Mafia. 

And Russia.   

Hope Hicks seems to have taken this to heart. Not surprising, given her taste in men.  But if you indeed - as I suspect - have any patriarchal power over her at all, please use it for the good and for God's sake keep her away from Anthony Scaramucci.

Take my advice.  No good will come of your war on women.  Given the motivation (which you have) and the opportunity (which we have), we hold the power to make your life miserable. 

Keep in mind, for example, that we vote.  And frequently prepare your food.

And, I promise, we will find a way to thwart you, if it takes 100,000 years.

Which it has.

Anti-patriarchically yours,


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