Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Processing Time

Today my husband turns to me and says, "Remember Trump's Cabinet meeting?  The one where everybody was crawling on the floor to lick his shoes?  That was.  The most.  Disgusting.  Thing.  I've EVER seen.  In my whole life."

My husband:
  1. Is 85-years-old, and that's a lot of life,
  2. And he's a former employee of the government of Cook County, IL.
  3. So he knows of which he speaks, 
  4. Because Cook County is basically Chicago,
  5. The government of which has always been - more or less - disgusting.
When this man uses superlatives in reference to government, one listens.

I agree with him, though I didn't require as much processing time.  And I've since pondered what the individual motives might have been for the performances.

Here's what I've come up with:
  1. Greed.
  2. And/or fear.
  3. Except for Mike Pence, 
  4. Who - I'm pretty sure - is what we sometimes euphemistically refer to as "simple minded".
  5. But he's from Indiana.  Therefore, no one notices.   
In case you missed it:

Maybe just a tad too "Supreme Leader"?

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