Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Underemployed Is the New Resistance

cc:  Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump 

(Sorry, ladies, I try to leave you out of this, because I think there's a possibility that you've been abused and/or brainwashed, and I don't like to rail against my sisters, but I've had it.)

Dear Mr. Trump,

White supremacy and Nazism are not "sides".  They are enemies of the United States.  Of humanity.  Of civilization.  And the people, the common citizens, who come forward to protect us from them should be hailed as heroic.

Alt-left?  Nobody's buying that.  Well, maybe Ann Coulter is buying it, but...'nuff said.

You, who cry big crocodile tears over our military, and now desecrate everything they've ever fought and died for, how do you sleep?

Call me divisive, but I have no intention of "uniting" with this evil.  Or communicating with it.  Ever. 

And that includes you.

Enough.  You need to resign.  Right now.  Though that may deprive me of the pleasure of seeing you - and your minions - going to jail, I'm willing to make the sacrifice.


P.S.  The eye protectors you wear during your spray tans are making you look like a big orange raccoon.