Sunday, April 2, 2017

Picture This

Reality check:

Okay, so imagine that you are a Russian media network.  And you decide to have a party...

"Let's have a party!"
"Hella yeah!"
"And let's invite Vladimir!"
"OF COURSE!!  It's not a party without Vladimir."
"What kind of entertainment shall we have?"
"SPEAKERS!  Let's have speakers.  I love speakers!"
"Good idea!  Now who shall we invite to speak?"
"How about an American general?"
"And we can give him money!  Lots of money.  And vodka.  And he can sit next to Vladi."
"Brilliant!  How 'bout that one old geezer who can't stop blinking...whatshisname..."
"Flynn!  Dude, I'm down.  It's gonna rock."

Can you picture it?  Right.  

Me neither.

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