Monday, April 16, 2018


There's a White House press secretary named J. Hogan Gidley? 

Seriously, how do Republicans come up with these names? 

See previous post, Challenge.  I added Mr. Gidley to the list.  At least, I think he's a "Mr.", but with Republicans, one never knows.  And I refuse to Google "J. Hogan Gidley", because
  1. I'm sure it would be a boring, if not depressing, experience.
  2. For me, anyway.
  3. I prefer to wait for the reveal.  It's one of the few forms of entertainment offered by this White House.
Likewise, I skipped the Comey interview last night.  Not that I dislike Mr. Comey.  He seems all right to me (though the Hillary email thing was a real buzz kill).  But I'll let the talking heads to do the edit. 

And, who knows?  Maybe I'll get to watch a person named Wolf Blitzer have a person named J. Hogan Gidley on his show to talk about it.      

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