Friday, January 29, 2016

Help a Sister Out!

I am in the throes of getting my book ready to go to press.

It's been coming along quite nicely, thank you.  I've had a terrific editor who - having once worked for the Red Cross and is therefore used to catastrophes - has gotten me under control.

That being said, I can now say with some confidence that turning a blog into a book is no easy process.  I would advise any of my friends and followers who have the same idea to first make sure they have no weapons in the house.  And then move to a state where marijuana is legal.

Complicating the project is the upcoming United States presidential election, which my friend Jan refers to as the "clown car".  Trust me, there is no more of a buzz-kill to the creative spirit - or any other human activity - than Carly Fiorina.  Maybe Donald Trump.  For sure, Sarah Palin (in a very good impersonation of a college student on her first bender) introducing Donald Trump to a room of rabid, foot-stompin' yahoos.

Donald Trump.  A man who can't handle Megyn Kelly, for chrissakes.  This is a man who's going to take on Kim Jong-un?  Try to write something fun and witty with THAT scenario running through your head.

It's enough to envy Matt Damon on Mars.

So here's the help I need: Reviews.

I am now working on the cover design and need some reviews from people who have read my work.  The book is also called Underemployed Is the New Organic. 

Yes, I can pay my relatives and probably will, but if any of my dear friends from the blogosphere could take a moment and send me a line in Comments?  I would be very grateful, plug your blog, and maybe fly out and buy you a cocktail.

When I'm rich and famous, of course.