Sunday, January 1, 2017

Pass the Vodka - Available on Amazon!

Just when you thought it was safe...

My second book:

Now available on Amazon!

The book and the Kindle version are listed separately.  So far.  I have learned (from experience) that I will wake up one morning and they will magically appear under one product listing, unprompted by any action taken by me.  Is this a great world, or what?

Happy New Year to all!

It's good to be back.


  1. OMG OMG OMG A second book???? Finally!!! Damn yeah! Cant wait to have it in my hands. Now we really have to meet one day for you to sign up my books :)
    How are you hun?? Sorry that it took me so long to write it´s official: Dr. Martin Meyer :)


  2. Darling I'm going straight to buy it! I gorged down your first book and I loved every bit of it! Thank you for sharing your beautiful self with the world. Love you always, Coco

  3. Done! I will receive it by the 12th of January! Yay :-)

  4. My dearest Linda,
    I cannot put in words how much I wish you the very best in life and how I've grown so fond of you throughout these years. No surpriase at all about your second book because I always knew you were destined to success and glory for you are such a talented and gifted writer taht this could only be the obvious outcome. Thank you so, so much for your dedication and love for so long. you know I'll keep you dearly in my heart forever!
    wish you the best year of your life and that all your dreams will come true!

    the tightest hug and cheers to you my luv!

  5. Yipee!!!! More wisdom from the Goddess.